My Rants

Disclamer: If you can't respect my opinions and feel the need to tell me why I'm wrong, READ NO FURTHER! But, if you can read it and respect my opinions, kindly do.

It is the woman's choice. That said, I am Pro-Choice. NO ONE should tell a woman what to do with HER body. Granted, women should not use abortion as an out, but it is ultimately, her choice...

Illegal Aliens:
They are not "undocumented workers", "undocumented immigrants", they are CRIMINALS who came to this country by bypassing the legal channels. They sap our social services and close our hospitals. They are the reason medical insurance is so high. The Department of Homeland Security (which is a joke since we have open borders) has said that it would be cheaper to deport every single alien than to keep them here. Illegal aliens cost AMERICAN taxpayers about $113 BILLION a year! People say that they do the jobs that Americans won't do. BULLSHIT!! If I had a better back, I would be working out in those fields just to have a paycheck! I could fill this whole page with the "Why?', but I won't. If you want stats, let me know.