Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This is what it has come down to...

Well, after much deliberation and self-exploration, I have decided to become a Vagabond, a Nomad, if you will. I knew there was something out there that is the perfect setup for my situation. I’m single, no career, no kids, able to go wherever, whenever. Nothing is tying me down to anything. I can be a free spirit! I came across a site one day last fall. As soon as I stumbled upon that site, the light came on and hasn’t dimmed yet!

Now, some of you will say, “Why would you want to live in a van?” Why not? Renting an apartment costs alot of money these days. None that you will never see again! (Unless you borrowed it!) Deposit, utilities, furniture, etc. plus, you have to sign a lease usually. Buying a house? Yeah, right! Mortage, insurance, taxes, maintainance, utilities, etc. I mean, I’m not putting down people who live in stick and stone houses. I’m just saying the lifestyle is alot simpler. Downsizing my material things has been an eyeopener for me.
Living in a Van or RV is not for everybody. Typically, it is mostly single people that Vandwell. Couples can do it, but can really put a strain on the relationship. I have the ability right now in my life to live this lifestyle. Plus, look on the bright side…I can visit more people than if I was tied down to one area. So, maybe I’ll see you out there!

I should be on the road by the end of June. It looks like I’ll be working at a summer camp in Big Bear, CA this summer.